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Topic 1.1: Implementing Security Configuration Parameters

Topic 1.2: Use Secure Network Administration Principles

Topic 1.3: Network Design Elements and Components

Topic 1.4: Implement Common Protocols and Services

Topic 1.5: Troubleshoot security issues

Topic 2.1: Introduction to importance of risk

Topic 2.2: Summarize the Security Implications

Topic 2.3: Implementing Appropriate Risk Mitigation Strategies

Topic 2.4: Implement Basics of Forensic Procedure

Topic 2.5: Summarize Common Incident Response Procedures

Topic 2.6: Importance of Security Related Awareness and Training

Topic 2.7: Compare and Contrast Physical Security and Environmental Controls

Topic 2.8: Summarizing Risk-Management Best Practices

Topic 2.9: Select the Appropriate Control to Meet Goals of Security

Topic 3.1: Types of Malware

Topic 3.2: Summarize various Types of Attacks

Topic 3.3: Summarize Social Engineering Attacks

Topic 3.4: Types of Wireless Attacks

Topic 3.5: Types of Application Attacks

Topic 3.6: Type of Mitigation

Topic 3.7: Tools and Techniques to Discover Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Topic 3.8: Explaining the Proper Use of Penetration Testing Versus Vulnerability Scanning

Topic 4.1: Explaining the Importance of Application Security Controls and Techniques

Topic 4.2: Summarizing Mobile Security Concepts and Technologies

Topic 4.3: Select the Appropriate Solution to Establish Host Security

Topic 4.4: Alternative Methods to Mitigate Security Risks

Topic 4.5: Alternative Methods to Mitigate Security Risks in Static Environments

Topic 5.1: Comparing and Contrasting the Function

Topic 5.2: Selecting the AAA in a Scenario

Topic 5.3: Installing and Configuring Security Controls

Topic 6.1: Utilizing Cryptography

Topic 6.2: Using Appropriate Cryptographic Methods

Topic 6.3: Use appropriate PKI CM and AC

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